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Easter Egger Ready to Lay Pullets

Easter Egger Ready to Lay Pullets

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Easter Egger Pullets

Easter Eggers are a great addition to any flock! Egg colors will vary from blue, green and pink. Egg production up to 250 eggs per year.

Ready to lay Pullets are 16 weeks old on pickup. Full untrimmed beaks. Vaccinated for Mareks.  


Pickup Day Details!


 Pullets are to be picked up on the order date between the hours of 9:00 am and 12:00 pm. So if you have an order placed for the March 6th batch, you will need to plan to be at the pick up location on March 6th during the scheduled pick up time. If there is a conflict with this time frame, you will need to give us a call before you place the order so other arrangements can be made.



111 Edgewood Road South, ASHEVILLE NC 28803



You will need to bring a tote, dog crate or cardboard box to transport your hens. We will have boxes on hand, they are $2.50 per box and hold up to 6 hens. If you know you will need a box for pickup please let us know at your earliest convenience, so we can make sure we have them available. 


We do offer delivery. If you choose to have your birds delivered you need to give us a call directly to speak about pricing.  Prices are fair and not outrageous with larger orders receiving the best pricing for deliver. Delivery is ONLY available for larger orders of pullets over 250 or more. The delivery option is ONLY available if the delivery location is in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky, Maryland, and Indiana.  We will deliver to other areas but you will need to call and speak with us about your request. This is something you cant order online, so you will need to call or text to discuss details, as the date will likely vary slightly from the standard pick up day.