Frequently Asked Questions

What are golden comets? Golden comets are a hybrid breed that makes up a large majority of the brown egg market. They go by many names, but are most commonly referred to as a red sexlinks. Typically this breed is a cross between a White Leghorn or Rhode Island White and a Rhode Island Red . Resulting in a brown egg layer that produces a larger number of egg. The Golden Comets are a smaller sized chicken which helps reduce the amount of feed consumption. The Golden Comet lays a large, Large brown colored egg; with the ability to produce over 300 eggs in a calendar year. 
Why does Ready to Lay mean? Our Ready to Lay hens are sold at 18 weeks. Typically a Golden Comet begin to lay between 20 and 24 weeks. The Ready to Lay hens allow you to skip the brooding process and cut down on the grow out process. We chose to sell our hens right before they begin to lay so our customers know they are NOT getting an expired product that has passed its peek laying stage of life. This is just one more way we assure our customers are getting the product they pay for. 
Is shipping available? No. Unfortunately, we are unable to ship our hens, due to the strict shipping restrictions on poultry. We do provide delivery options ONLY ON PRE APPROVED ORDER. You must discuss delivery before ordering, this is when you will be quoted on your delivery fee. The delivery fee will be based on traveling expenses. The delivery fee is NOT included in the price of the hens, this will be a separate fee that will need to be paid prior to the delivery date. Delivery is reserved for larger orders. Under certain circumstance we will deliver smaller orders, this will depend on a number of factors, and MUST be discussed before the order is placed. 
When do I pick up my order?  Your order should be picked up on the date the order is ready. The time of pickup is generally from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM but may vary on pickup location. If you can not make it during the schedule time, we can make arrangements for you to pick up at a different time. If this is the case, advanced notice is required, so we can make sure your order is ready and we are available. 
What if I am not available on the pick up date? If you are not able to pick up on the scheduled date we can get you scheduled for a time that will work for both of our schedules. Please do NOT show up to the location unannounced. These are private residences, and we are not available for walk in business. Hens are expected to be picked up with in a week of the pick up date. If they need to be held for longer than a week a housing fee will be applied to accommodate for the additional cost accrued in caring for the hens. 
What do I need to bring to pick up my order? You will need to bring something to transport your hens in. A lot of our customers will bring their own transport. You can use a number of different things: such as moving boxes, dog crates, chicken crates, large Rubbermaid boxes also work great, as long as there is proper ventilation.  We will have a limited supply of medium moving boxes that hold 5 or 6 hens each. These are available for $2 each, and will be available on a first come first serve bases, unless you have pre ordered them in advanced.
What is the Early Bird Special? The Early Bird Special is a special we run to help promote early sales. This is ONLY offered months in advanced. This helps us know how many hens we need for the scheduled date, and helps with the overhead of raising them out. 
Why does the price vary?  A number of factors affect the price of our hens. Feed, housing, medical supply and gas are some of the things that effect the cost of hens. We provide a number of options to get hens at a discounted rate. The Early Bird Special is one of our most popular specials that allows anyone to qualify for the discounted rate regardless of the quantity ordered. You can see more details on this under the product description. We also offer discounted rate on larger quantities and a various times through out the year.